Migration & Re-Branding Success!

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This was the week ever.

Finally! It’s been a long road but I think I can say WordPress and I are finally friends. I know that hearing that might seem funny since I’m a Web Designer and Developer but there are quirks to this method of design that I’ve never experienced with just writing code.

This Blog started, as a way to start writing again. I shut down my original blog in 2012 and that was using the Blogger platform. Using WordPress has been challenging from day one. I’ve overcome quite a few issues with this blog including the first server migration AND when I managed to delete it (or so I thought).

So this migration happening without a hitch is almost a miracle. Taking my Skillcrush Blueprint has really shown me how to work with and around any issues I might face. As well and finally having a deeper understanding of PHPMyAdmin and SQL servers.

After much thought I’ve decided to rebrand Coding&&Catering to My Coded Life. I’m breaking the cardinal rule since I can’t get the social media for it but I will be pushing everyone to my personal pages or my business FB. I’ve also been reworking the page templates and content so I figured now is the perfect time.

I started reevaluating all of the domains I’ve purchased over the past decade and found that they are a mess and nothing is being used as intended. I set to work prepping the domains with WordPress and forwarding the ones that are only for SEO.

I was speaking with GoDaddy last week because I was having an issue getting the installer to load on a domain when it was installed via the FTP. I thought in the past that I just needed to let it propogate on the server but after waiting 72 hours and changing the DNS settings nothing would get it to work.

Tech Support suggested suggested using the installer application instead. I was hesitant but no matter what I did a direct install would not work so I figured I’d give it a try.

We did encounter one hitch that I hadn’t seen before. For some reason the install was hung-up on the theme page. The page wasn’t displaying correctly, half the page was cut off and you weren’t able to select any of the themes listed.

From what I saw it seems like the way around it is to delete and reinstall. Once we ran the install and made sure the website was showing on the domain, not the “website parked” message I was ready to hit the ground running and set up my test domains for some upcoming remote projects I’ll be working on.

I know that when you are migrating from one domain to another the two most important things are the SQL back up file for your DB (if one exists) and a copy of the wp-content folder.

Just as I was ready to get started I realized I wasn’t sure was db the Coding&&Catering files were on. I went to the wp-config file and found the db info and exported it making sure to include a drop table.

I added all of my content to the new domain via the FTP and imported the database making sure to change the domain to the correct one.

I did a quick test, checking links and noticed that the HOME link in the Menu kept taking me back to the original website. After a check it was as a suspected and the address was hard coded so with that small change the Migration was a complete success and took less that 30 minutes to complete.

And all there is to say now is …… Welcome to My Coded Life (formerly known as Codding && Catering)

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