Save! Save! Save! Then Save Again!

Personal Development

So I thought I got off to such a good start. Not word count wise, last count I had was 346 but I wrote a bunch after that and had really worked out my template and then as easy at that it was gone. WordPress, just as I start to think I like you, you bite me in the butt.

Really I can’t blame WP or even say I don’t like it because of this slight hiccup. I knew I had to stop writing for a bit and left my blog post open in the template in my browser and I usually save like crazy so I don’t know how it was missed this time.

I never got back to writing on Wednesday but the next morning when I went to get going again and knock out a few posts I opened my computer and the browser was weird.

I made some wording changes and saved and that’s when I noticed the format was all wrong and then the browser crashed. When I went back it was the original version I had in my word document which was basically an outline. All the new work I had done on it was gone and of course, since I was on a roll and just writing I didn’t have a backup.

Since I like to look on the sunny side at least it was a small loss and now I can focus on a better writing plan. I will now make most of my writing in a word doc and just do my final word count when the blog is 100% complete and I’m ready to publish or save it as the scheduled draft.

Since that was a surprise I ended taking Thursday for myself and getting us caught up on laundry, which was much needed. Now I’m back on and even though I have some ground to make up it’s nothing that’s too hard to manage.

Live and Learn and Make Sure to Save!!!