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Personal Development


So here I am blogging again.  My original blog (Having Fun In Colorado) has been dormant for years now.  Since moving to Colorado in 2009, the job market has been rough.  Who knew that a career that had tons of opportunity and growth in one city was the bottom of the barrel in the next?  Not me that’s for sure.

In my research on how to move into tech, everyone says to be active.  Take control and talk about your process.  I’ve been trying to make forward progress each day and this blog is just another step in the ladder.

Over the past two years, I’ve taught myself how to code websites.  Meaning, I can write HTML and CSS enough to get the aesthetic that I’m looking for.  I can even use Java plugins but I am unable to write them myself.

I’ve worked on one site mainly,  This is my husband’s business and I was the one that had, at least, a light background with web design (I had made our other site in iWeb).

Since I had no idea of the actual and correct process there were no wire frames, no UX research, no workflow or project management.  We just hit the ground running with the content we wanted on the site.  It came out OK but I kept wondering why the process was so frustrating.  Why were there unending changes when I had already spent so much time writing the code!!! And all this was while I was trying to understand the language itself.

When we launched, and I was totally burned out I took a break and just focused on my job. I was starting to feel uninspired again and decided to start teaching myself PHP (using Udemy).  During this, I transitioned from one stressful job to another and decided to take a break and focus more on responsive design.

I taught myself Bootstrap and re-designed WFS to a more mobile friendly version of itself.  There are many issues, including the fact that it was designed for desktop instead of mobile first.  I knew I needed some direction with my learning process.

In January 2016, I enrolled in a #RWD blueprint with Skill Crush.  It’s the early days but I’m already filling in huge gaps and have been doing side research on the areas I’m really interested in.

Since I needed to have a platform to write on I decided to start a WordPress Blog.  In the past, I was using Blogger but WP definitely has the larger market share so I figured it was time to jump on the bandwagon.

I hope you enjoy my adventures to come!!!

This won’t be a tech only focused blog.  My other passions are food and the outdoors so there will definitely be a mix of all three.