Weekly Review: July 30 – Aug 5, 2017

Personal Development

This was the week ever.

I’ve been busy and super productive this week. I managed to get a good feel for the WP Theme I’m using for a new project. The WFS site is almost complete with the last static update before the new site is moving into the design phase. I finally found a way to trick myself into vlogging, and completed a mid year review so my focus is on the right place for the last 6 months of the year.

Weekly Review …

  • Biggest Lesson

    Don’t hold on to any experience. Relax your heart when you feel anger, anxiety or any other unhelpful emotion.

  • Quote of the Week

    “The present is not permanent.”
    -Ranal Currie

  • What I'm Reading

    The Power of Now
    -Eckhart Tolle

  • Tech News

    Loving the Harvard CS50 Course on YouTube. You can also get all the P-Sets and a even Certification.

  • Creative Thoughts

    I think it’s time to jazz up the resume again. I found something the other day that inspired me. Plus I have some new projects that I need to add to my portfolio.

Picture of the Week

Birthday Berries


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