New Project


Started a new project yesterday and I thought blogging would be a great way to document my initial asset collection process and client intake.  I’ve been really bad on following proper work-flow on previous projects and this time I’m ready to do everything by the book.

I went thru my school stuff and nothing really jumped out as a good checklist so I grabbed a couple questions that I thought were important and asked for those to start.

Website Design/Development Initial Client Questionnaire:

1.  What domain/hosting will you be using?  

2.  What do you hope to accomplish with your new website? What is the website’s purpose?

3.  Who is your target audience? Who do you see coming to the site? Describe them as much as possible.

4.  When a visitor arrives at your site, what would you like them to do? (Listen to music, contact you, follow on social media etc.)

5.  Is there any new content that will need to be written for the website? Who will be responsible for that?  WRITTEN: 


6.  List three websites you like (related to music or not) and what you like about each one (navigation, layout, photo gallery etc.). This will help get a better idea of you want your site to look like.  

Website #1 address: www._______________________________

What you Like: ___________________________________________________________________________________________ 

Website #2 address: www._______________________________

What you Like: ___________________________________________________________________________________________

Website #3 address: www._______________________________ 

What you Like: ___________________________________________________________________________________________ 

7.  Is there anything do you NOT want on your site?

8.  What words or phrases would you use on Google to find your site?